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Coffee. 15. Australia.

Anime, manga, games, art, personal.

I read manga more frequently than I watch anime. I shounen more than shoujo. Currently trying to juggle between school life and internet life. I sometimes make edits. I also attempt at Kimi to Boku chapter summaries.

Reading and watching: Akagami no Shirayukihime, Haikyuu!!, Kagerou Days, Kimi to Boku, Kokoro Botan, Kuroko no Basuke, Kuroshitsuji, Magi, Nanatsu no Taizai, Naruto, Natsume Yuujinchou, Nisekoi, Noragami, Orange, Pandora Hearts, Shingeki no Kyojin, Shokugeki no Souma, Sword Art Online, Tokyo Ghoul

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"But for you who have been abandoned, love does not exist. Signs of a pretense like that must be eliminated. I will now give you new names to be called.”

Shikishikishiki, happy 21st birthday! I’m sorry the present ended up coming a little late but I hope it’s alright! I hope you enjoyed an amazing AMAZING birthday showered in happiness, and I’m sorry I couldn’t accompany you enough for your birthday. (Schoolpls) Anyway, sorry the banner/card is really rushed but there you go your beautiful girls! My main present is… /drumroll/ a music piece and some very bad singing, which is pretty useless as well LOL. But anyway I thought it’d be more interesting than the usual, so I tried around. I’m very sorry the quality’s pretty bad and even though I’m quite the perfectionist the violin sounds terrible ugh. Hopefully it’s still somewhat enjoyable. I was going to package in a colouring but I didn’t get to finish it on time I’m so sorry. (つД`)ノOnce again happy birthday! And thank you for being the amazing person that you are! May all the best come your way! ♪(´ε` ) Oh, and I’ll DM you the audio file or something…

pudding head

"You’re the only one who belongs to both worlds."


"The outcome of the Elric brothers."


Happy belated Birthday Coffe-ojou-chan!

I’m like 2~3 days late… I’m so useless. I’M SO SORRY OJOU PLEASE FORGIVE ME! Here is a really simple thing I made for you. It’s nothing special but I figured that since you like Kimi to Boku, I might as well try to work with it. Aaaah… The watercolour style of the render is hard to work with. I didn’t know what I was doing. OTL Please don’t leave me lol. Once again, happy 16th ojou! I’m very blessed to know someone as angelic as you! OJOU LOVE!!! (๑・ω-)~♥

SHIKI THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AHHHHH!!!! I’m also extremely blessed to have been able to talk to you and all because you are such a beautiful person and amazing and loveable and a huge inspiration to me! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ Simple or not, a present from Shiki MUST be preserved forever, ufufufu. AND I WON’T LEAVE YOU I PROMISE. I COULDN’T BEAR TO ANYWAY. Plus, I think I’m even better at mastering the skill of belated birthday presents so don’t worry. ( *`ω´) SHIKI LOOOOVE!!! /forever saved/ ohoho, now I have an edit of KimiBoku by Shiki. A DREAM COME TRUUUE.

ispookycell whispered:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVELY ANGELIC OJOU WAIFU!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and may all of your wishes come true! I would love to be there with you and eat all your cakes! I MEAN TO SHARE THE CAKES WITH YOU. (O///3///O)

THANK YOU MY LOVELY DARLING KNIGHT IN KIRAKIRA ARMOUR SHIKI!!! EHEHEH, ANYTHING GETS BETTER WHEN YOU ARE INVOLVED. ♪(´ε` ) W-well if you wanted my cake I wouldn’t mind… Since precious Shiki is precious, ohoho.

"If you’re the king that rules the court..
I’ll have to defeat you, and I’ll be the last one standing!”

Samezuka Swim Team - Free! Eternal Summer episode 2 

Karasuno first year members!

I told you, we will take you away to protect you, even if we have to do it by force.


SnK+GoT AU : Houses [1/2]

House Jeager: Known as people who are loyal, brave and fearless. But if betrayed -  they do not forgive. For the enemies - merciless.
House Ackerman: Known as a house of very skilled warriors. They’re fearless and loyal.
House Arlert: House of great strategists and intelectuals. Brave but not skilled in combat. Quick thinkers and rational people.
"Things aren’t like they were in those days."
Tokyo Ghoul » Characters