He’s managed to solve every case he’s ever taken on.
And he’s tackled some of the greatest mysteries this world has ever known.
He hides in the shadows, but he is the best of the best.
Our last resort, our trump card.

I have no confidence in controlling my flames. ‘Till today I still think I can rely on my momentum to solve everything… but it seems like it’s impossible. 
Maybe I should just die like this.”


Summertime Record (サマータイムレコード Samātaimurekōdo) is a song featured on the last album. It’s also known as “The Story of the Spinning Eyes”. The song is the official ending and last song and PV of the project.

「また何処かで思い出して 出逢えるかな」
"Maybe we can recall someday, and meet again"

If someone tells me that it’s wrong to hope, I’ll tell them they’re wrong every time.